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  • Flying the soul, roaming the sea - the
    Flying the soul, roaming the sea - the2017-12-09

      The immense sea allows fish to leap at liberty, the vast sky lets birds fly freely.After 5 days' intense and full life awakening and learning, the trainees have been relieved.The potential power has been aroused and their hearts are broadened. Today, student...

  • There is no free lunch--The fourth day
    There is no free lunch--The fourth day2017-12-08

    Teacher Hu explained the rules of cause and effect: “Nothing in the world is accidental, everything happens for a reason. This is the fundamental law of the universe....

  • Hundreds of people grow up together in
    Hundreds of people grow up together in2017-12-06

    Teacher Hu Yu explained “what is the awakening of life?”,“why do people need life awakening?” and “how can we let his life awakening?”...

  • The fourteenth phase of
    The fourteenth phase of "life awakenin2017-12-03

      At 8:00a.m,on December 3, 2017, Bamaol Spiritual University fourteenth phase of "life awakening nonaction" training officially opened with a song”together to meet a better tomorrow in the world”. ...

  • The Leaders of my Bamaol headquarters
    The Leaders of my Bamaol headquarters 2017-12-03

      On November 30th to December 1st,Yang Ping, the Deputy Secretary of the Bamaol Party committee and the vice director of the board of directors, was invited by the directors from Hunan Changde center in Hunan to give an excellent lecture about psychosomatic h...

  • Where is the happiness?It is in Bamaol
    Where is the happiness?It is in Bamaol2017-11-30

    On November 23th to 29th,2017,the 13th phase of training in Bamaol"Life awakening and nonaction"was held.It was hosted by Bamaol founder,chairman of the board Hu Yu....

Group Introduction

Bamaol International psychosomatic Health Industry Service Group (Shenzhen Bamaol psychosomatic Health Consulting Co., Ltd. Registered Capital: 110 million yuan, Stock code: 663428, Abbreviation: Bamaol) was founded in March 2007, headquartered in Shenzhen.

Bamaol which has a leading unique business model and excellent corporate culture is a well-known brand in the world psychosomatic health industry. With a professional and systematic franchise model, Bamaol has formed an unparalleled resource sharing platform by integration of the world's psychosomatic health industry and the resources of different industries. A powerful psychosomatic health website of Bamaol has been established in the world. The Mind University and 53 psychosomatic health vocational training institutes have been founded, and psychosomatic health counseling centers have been established in 31 countries in the world, 34 provinces in China, 255 cities and 2,263 counties. More than 2000 well-known psychosomatic health experts and 100,000 psychosomatic health workers who on behalf of Bamaol in the region's psychosomatic health counseling services and psychosomatic health professional training business throughout China and around the world.

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    Caring for Life Harmonious life Happy life Return to nature
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    Strive for the harmony of all mankind!
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    Use our love to create a harmonious world.
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    Freedom Fairness Dedicated Integrity Altruism
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